Compilers / Assemblers / Linkers

Last Update, 2014-09-18

Compiler Language Author Publisher Version Format
Merlin 16+ Assembly Glen Bredon Roger Wagner Publishing v. 4.08 Image & Manual Download
Merlin 32 Assembly Brutal Deluxe Brutal Deluxe Unrelease Beta Website
MPW Cross Development Tools ?? ?? Golden Orchard CD (various programs included) ISO Download
Cortland Programmer's Workshop Assembly Mike Westerfield ByteWorks Last Release Website
Orca/M Assembly Mike Westerfield ByteWorks BWGS-04 Store Website
MPW compatibility layer
(for IIgs assembly on Mac?)
Assembly ksherlock Open Source v. 0.7.2 GitHub
NinjaForce Assembler Assembly NinjaForce NinjaForce v. 2.1.4 Website
NinjaForce Assembler Documentation Assembly NinjaForce NinjaForce v. 2.1.4 Documentation
NinjaForce Assembler ShrinkIt Archive Assembly NinjaForce NinjaForce v. 2.1.4 SHK Download
Apple IIgs BASIC BASIC APDA Apple Computer Inc. v. 1.0b4 2MG Download

What is the Apple IIgs?

You should really check out the nicely curated list at

They have a lot of information on compilers for different languages, as well as many available disk images and manuals.