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Loading Files from Disk in Assembly Language using GS/OS [message #68] Sat, 11 October 2014 04:37
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Most of the game resources (graphic, sound, music, score table, animation...) are stored outside of the code, in dedicated files. So we need to get these files and to load them in memory, when required.

The first step is of course to have allocated the right number of memory Banks to store the files. On the Apple IIgs, most of the files are 64 KB long, or less. Because of the memory organization and its 64 KB bank boundary, it is always better to cut a large file into sub-files, each of them to be 64 KB or less.

The next code can be used to load, in memory, a <=64 KB file located under a file system (Prodos, HFS...) that GS/OS can access (using the system FSTs). The advantage of using GS/OS here is its simplicity and its speed. We don't care anymore about what kind of file system we have (ram disk, Prodos 800 KB floppy disk, HFS hard drive...), GS/OS handle that for us.

As for any operating system or language, we chain the following commands : Open File, Get File Size, Read File Data and the Close File. We don't have to care about file size, the LoadFile code do it for us :

GSOS         =      $E100A8

*------------- Load one file in memory  ---------------------
LoadFile     STX    gsosOPEN+4     ; X = File Path, 
             STA    gsosREAD+5     ; A = Bank XX/00
LF_Open      JSL    GSOS           ; Open File
             dw     $2010
             adrl   gsosOPEN
             BCS    LF_ErrorEnd
             LDA    gsosOPEN+2
             STA    gsosGETEOF+2
             STA    gsosREAD+2
             STA    gsosCLOSE+2
LF_GetSize   JSL    GSOS            ; Get File Size
             dw     $2019
             adrl   gsosGETEOF
             LDA    gsosGETEOF+4
             STA    gsosREAD+8
             LDA    gsosGETEOF+6
             STA    gsosREAD+10
LF_Read      JSL    GSOS            ; Read File Content
             dw     $2012
             adrl   gsosREAD
             BCS    LF_Error
LF_Close     JSL    GSOS            ; Close File
             dw     $2014
             adrl   gsosCLOSE
LF_End       CLC                    ; No Error
             LDA    gsosGETEOF+4    ; A = File Size
LF_Error     JSL    GSOS            ; Close File
             dw     $2014
             adrl   gsosCLOSE
LF_ErrorEnd  SEC                    ; Error
gsosOPEN     dw     2               ; pCount
             ds     2               ; refNum
             adrl   File1_Path      ; pathname (init with an existing file path, so we only have to change 2 bytes)

gsosGETEOF   dw     2               ; pCount
             ds     2               ; refNum
             ds     4               ; eof

gsosREAD     dw     4               ; pCount
             ds     2               ; refNum
             ds     4               ; dataBuffer
             ds     4               ; requestCount
             ds     4               ; transferCount

gsosCLOSE    dw     1               ; pCount
             ds     2               ; refNum

We call this code by giving as parameter the Path of the file and the Bank where the file must be loaded :

*------ Allocate Memory Banks --------
             JSR     AllocOneBank   ; Memory Allocation for File
             STA     BankFile       ; A = XX/00

*------ Loading Files ---------------
             LDX     #File1_Path    ; Load File1.bin file
             LDA     BankFile       ; in BankFile at address $0000
             JSR     LoadFile
             BCS     ErrorQuit

BankFile     HEX     0000

File1_Path   strl    '1/Data/File1.bin'   

If we want to load the file at address $8000 in the Bank (instead of $0000), you simply have to modify the loading address :

             LDA     BankFile       ; in BankFile 
             ORA     #$0080         ; at address $8000
             JSR     LoadFile


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