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GSplus is an Apple IIgs emulator. It's an open-source project based on the KEGS and GSPort emulators.

The goals of this project are to make the software available (and supported) across many platforms, make it easier to install and use, and to modernize the overall codebase and emulation platform.

While much work has been done, adding new drivers and features over the past year, it is still in alpha phase. Feel free to download the package for your platform and play around, but beware there are many bugs still.


These are the latest available Alpha builds of GSplus v0.13.

After downloading, please see the included documentation for setup and usage instructions.

v0.13 Change Log

Scanline simulator (Shift-F11)

Drag-and-drop disk images and it will try to automount

Fixes and improvements to logging

Win32 icon parity with other versions

Experimental host FST support

Various bug fixes

Build #1234-1243 @ 8:30 AM Monday, Jan 23, 2017 (CST)

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