Apple IIgs Emulator - Cross Platform - Modern Features




GSplus is an Apple IIgs emulator. It's an open-source project based on the KEGS and GSPort emulators. It supports fullscreen, joysticks and audio through the SDL2 library across platforms.

The goals of this project are to make an easier to install and easier to use emulator, and to modernize the overall codebase and emulation platform.

While much work has been done, adding new drivers and features over the past year, it is still in alpha phase. Feel free to download the package for your platform and play around, but beware there are many bugs still.


v0.14 Change Log

- adds UI for selecting host FST directory

- add option-cmd hotkeys to Apple menu bar: e.g. - you can quit with Option+Cmd+Q

- to_pro enhancements - sniff filetype, bin/txt flags, lf/cr conversions

- additional log cleaning

- headless driver - no screen/audio - useful to run things like a BBS or GNO/ME in the background

- fixes for various crash and exit scenarios

- documentation rewrite

- additional configuration cleanup - new flags and config file options, better parity

- many additional SDL2 options for video, scaling, placement, borderless, vsync!

- many additional SDL2 options for joystick mapping (buttons and axes)

- page up/down in config menus

- fix config menu sorting

- better supported builds for Windows and Raspberry Pi (Raspbian Jesse)

- new host MLI for hosted directories from ProDOS 8

- new WDM commands "$A0" prints a string, "$A1" hexdumps memory

- new build pipeline with bleeding edge builds available earlier

- SDL2 vsync support with smart renderer that can skip unrendered frames

v0.13 Change Log

- scanline simulator (Shift-F11)

- drag-and-drop disk images and it will try to automount

- fixes and improvements to logging

- Win32 icon parity with other versions

- experimental host FST support

- various bug fixes

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