About this site

The idea for an Apple II(gs) programming site came from an impromptu roundtable discussion at KansasFest 2014. I have only just begun throwing up pages. The idea, however, is not for me to continually post new content. Rather, the goal will be to create a centralized community driven site where the users are able to contribute their own knowledge and time to create a single source of reference information.

As it is, things are in a super early stage around here so expect lots of changes and lots of missing information.

I'll do my best to get collaborative tooling integrated into the site as soon as possible. In the meantime, if you want to help, contact me via the "Contact" button above.


Visit the reference library for a list of known print and online books.

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A list of the languages and compilers available for the AppleIIgs

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Other Sites

There are many other wonderful sites dedicated to the Apple II and programming. We've compiled a list here.

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Hopefully we can build an active community here, but in the meantime, there are some well-established places to meet like-minded Apple II enthusiasts

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Documentation Wiki

The Wiki is documentation built by the community to fill in gaps left by other references and to track recent changes in the platform. Coming soon, so visit the reference library in the meantime.

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This is BRAND NEW (as of August 16, 2014) so we are still setting things up, but the forums are ready for beta testing!

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