Last Update, 2014-08-18 - Don't forget, we have our own forum now!

Group Description Language Format
Apple II Enthusiasts A very active group... worth it if you can stand Facebook. English Facebook Group
Apple II France A very active group with more French members, but all are welcome. French Facebook Group
Apple II Brasil A very active group with mostly Portuguese speaking members from Brasil, but all are welcome. Portuguese Facebook Group
Comp.Sys.Apple2 The de-facto Apple II newsgroup. There's gold in them thar threads! English Newsgroup
Comp.Sys.Apple2.Programmer The de-facto Apple II programmer newsgroup. Very good, but less readers (IMHO). English Newsgroup
Apple Fritter Forums Fairly active forum for Apple II users English Web Forum
Apple II Oz Turn your monitor upside-down and enjoy this community from down under. Aussie ;) Website
Hack Z Apple Much discussion of II, but IIgs stuff is discussed too. Some very skilled programmers hang out here. French Website
AtariAge Apple II Forum This is a popular site among the cross-platform 8-bit folks out there and now has an Apple II specific forum. English Web Forum
Vintage Computer Apple II Forum Another platform agnostic site with an Apple II forum English Web Forum
68KMLA Apple II Forum A Mac site with an Apple II forum English Web Forum