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Last Update, 2017-02-09

Site Category Description
Apple II Bits Blog Interesting articles by the Juiced.GS editor, Ken Gagne.
Dagen Brock Blog A personal blog, but frequently focused on Apple II and IIgs development.
KansasFest Conference The homesite for the annual Apple II User's Conference held in Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Brutal Deluxe Group Extremely valuable site for GS code examples and development tools, not to mention their many software releases.
Briel Computers Hardware Site of Vince Briel, maker of the Replica 1, an Apple I compatible computer and more.
R & D Automation Hardware Home of the CFFA 3000 by Rich Dreher, a flash storage device for your Apple II
Juiced.GS Magazine The world's last remaining and longest-running Apple II print publication.
A2Central News Great, long-standing Apple II news site.
1 Mhz Podcast An Apple II related podcast hosted by Carrington Vanston
Open-Apple Podcast Podcast An Apple II related podcast by Mike Maginnis and Quinn Dunki
1000bit Reference Many books, manuals and even some magazines for the Apple II and lots of other systems.
What is the Apple IIgs? Reference Insanely good site that covers GS software and more.
Syndicomm Store Sells a lot of the original compilers and manuals.
Ultimate Apple 2 Store Makers of some cool gear, but most importantly they work on accelerator cards.
IIgs Software (ksherlock) Website Orca Patches, GS/OS Apps, GNO/ME Utilities, Twilight II Modules, and more!
Mike Willegal's Hobby Home Website Lots of cool hardware projects including his replica Apple II Rev 0 board
Apple Archives Website An interesting collection of various web sites related to Apple IIgs, II, ///, etc.
Call A.P.P.L.E. News News for Apple II and publisher of many fine books